Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

does'nt like me

This was really meh.

All games finished pretty fast, won them all. Plus the only way to win FBI shootout is shooting like crazy until the game lags like hell to be able to shoot before the AI opponents, that can shoot 2 agents at the very same time !!

i gave i 1 stare and a half coz the controls are bad if u change it then it be good and when u try and kill the fbi your shots dont count change that as well.

You need to fix the FBI shoot out... how are we suposed to win if when you shoot them your bullets dont count?

the last mini game was the only one that was even worth it and even that was just shit

I beat all 3 mini games so the first 2 games are not impossible.
I found the first game to be too hard because I use a laptop mouse pad instead of a mouse.
To win you have to never hit a kid and land headshots to 1 of the enemies each time they spawn.
The second game I beat it at first try instead of running after each boy just stand in a place where there are many boys around and use chainsaw basically they gonna run near you and die.