Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

cmon guys its not that hard

FBI Shootout: fire only when the cops already have their gun pointed at you
Dad's Chainsaw Massacre: look at your character's shadow and the kid's shadow if their level attack
Big Brown Bary's Death Chase: JUST JUMP AND AVOID OBSTACLES :D

Spudzy responds:

I know right?

2 stars for potential.

FBI shootout: You need the reflexes of Neo on SPEED to have *any* chance of winning this. Tone down the reaction times of the computer characters then get back to me.

Dad's Chainsaw Massacre: *Extremely* unwieldy controls, and on top of that you only score kills when you are on the *exact* same plane as your target, at a precise proximity, and you have to sacrifice a goat to lovecraftian elder gods on a full moon to get ANY points on this game.

Big Brown Bary's Death Chase: Don't know how to improve this one, it's probably the most well built of the bunch, simply a matter of figuring out how to move from obstacle to obstacle and you're golden. Needs a better victory trigger though, everyone dies before a winner is named? That's like taking the gold for longest most excruciating suicide, the only award you get is posthumous.

Conclusion: Game with decent potential. Suffers from DESPERATE need of polish. Could have been great but appears to suffer from having run out of time or snacks or slaps upside the head or something. There are worse things to play, but there are *infinitely* more that are better.

Clunky controls and meh game play. Nice tribute, but I want my three minutes back.

Triple shot in 1 LOL What a mess

Game was ok, but the fbi shooting cannot be won. Since the AI can shoot up to 3 cops at the same time.