Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

this is a good game! Barrys death chase way too easy!the carnage had a big glitch which i killed 10 people and the other 3 opponents killed 17 and i won. the fbi shootout also had a glitch if i shot too many fat kids my points did not go up even for shooting fbi agents!!!!!!!

That is a pretty fun game! Loved the little intro to each game
Also, chainsaw carnage was easy...

i beat all 3 games they are easy and fun nice job dude

Wow final fantasy music :DDDDD so nice also the minigames aren't so hard you just need to calm down and do it relaxed :DDDD
I like the game pretty much ^^

the only good game was big brown barry to easy yes fbi shooting ok was easy too but carnage god this is impossible i mean but anyway good game