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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "The Lights Belong to Us"

This was a very soothing track with an enjoyable intro and a nice mix overall.

The only complaint I have is regarding the wobble synth, which I honestly think is kind of harsh at some points. Especially during the lower notes. I think the drastic change of pitch kind of kills the character of the synth.

I have to salute you for the slap bass-break. Seems like kind of a rarity, plus it gives the entire song an immensely progressive vibe.

Good work, chap. Keep it up!

Faved and followed!


"get rekt" that sample is just so ingenious.
i really like the drums, they keep a nice constant sound and beat.

the synths are very cool too.

i usually follow a rule, that is (soft synths = hard percussion) and (hard synths = soft percussion)

i feel like the track would have more space if the synth wasn't as rough. other then that, i really liked this track.

midimachine responds:

the speak n spell voice is saying "incorrect" afaik but it's all glitched out. kinda like how people think it says get rekt tho. thanks!

The intro was very nice and smooth, but the get rekt seems out of place. The song seems to transition into a completely different song at 2:03, which is kind of unusual but still pretty cool.

2:47 was really heavy, but I feel that there should have been a sustained bass in the back, just to give it a bit more umph.

4/5 for sure!