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Reviews for "Countermeasures 2"

Not bad at all, Hope this makes it! I loved the concept, but for some reason it was playing kinda laggy.

great game!
Good time filler-inner, but...
It would be a bit more fun if you gained the levels quicker, it takes soooo much game time just between missile levels.
Still a fun game though!!!

there are two things that would make this game amazing, the first thing would be a target like a building or aircraft, maybe even a satellite to shoot down, the second thing would be the ability to destroy missiles, as it stands, flares will just add a curve to their trajectory until said flares wear out at which point the enemy missiles correct their course and lock right back on to you.

The missiles in this game are way too easy to avoid. I could probably go all day without getting hit or using a single flair. The missiles that I have chosen so far in this game also don't appear to change much besides the missile that can take more hits. Over all it is a game that I wouldn't normally play unless I was particularly bored, It has potential though. Try putting up some barriers like the ground and possibly some kind of flying shield, the player shouldn't feel like he can just dodge most of the missiles without some effort and large turns. I also suggest putting in some strong guided missiles that would require more than just a small swerve to avoid, and possibly change the missile speeds to make it feel more noticable, maybe put in some stats for them as well.

this is a really good but simple game but i think i would be better if you could get rid of the missiles following you maybe by having to enemy missiles crash into each other blows both of them up that would be good