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Reviews for "Nano Kingdoms"

Cool game! Is raelly cute and not too difficult. I like the little voices and art style, congratulations!

Wow, really awesome game! It's simple but easy to get into. High production value and the style is really unique. Seems like something I'd play on a handheld.

Checked out your site too (a 10 man team!? That's huge!), definitely gonna keep an eye on your guys' future works.

trutruka responds:

thanks for your feedback

Germiniman005, he didn't program the game wrong at all. You were just too flustered to get your castle to the max level (3 upgrades, so it has 5000 hp) THEN you can make Golems. Plus I survived his attacks with just warriors and archers, no special units needed at all.

Anyways, It was somewhat repetitive and easy to pull off a win with just archers and warriors, but the game was fun, wasted a good amount of time. I have yet to try any of the heroes I unlocked, finding the Paladin the best one for the entire game. I look forward to any sequels you might put out.

i think Siege is Good

I Love it!!! I love the sound effects and the cries of the soldiers. It's fun and cute. It's a little bit easy.