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Reviews for "Nano Kingdoms"

SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!! thanks for this game. BTW: i love the pervert expresion of the king at the end xD

Awesome game. Solid script. Superb art. Simple and fun. 4.5/5.0

Max farm then max foundry. Never mind lumber mill. Upgrade barracks. Max upgrade warriors. Spam warriors. Rinse and repeat. =)

Excellent Game. Seems like something one might buy on his or her I-Pod ;).

The only reservation is that the quality is a bit off...it seems choppy at times. Kind of like when an image is stretched out of sorts in paints.

Regardless, the game itself is amazing, and I must acknowledge that this is truly a quality game. You deserve the best, as you have produced the best.

Great job.

Amazing game. I wish there was a free version on the mobile store.

good game I beaten the fire girl my first hero only using villagers and horse riders I also beat the others with my second one and beaten the shark with the rock one and beaten the boss with the first one