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Reviews for "Nano Kingdoms"

its a good game VAI CORINTHIANS



I feel Nano Kingdoms lacks meaningful choices and is far too forgiving on mistakes and the use of inefficient strategies. For example, whether I build a barracks first or a farm first will have little outcome on the end game as eventually I will be building both-- and building one before the other will result in only a slight difference in food/unit output that in the long run will be inconsequential.

Add to that an almost non-existent demand for any technical ability and you have a game that almost plays itself. The slight blip in excitement occurs when you get to use one of your more expensive spells, but really, you could beat the game without ever casting anything if you wanted to challenge yourself with a self imposed handicap. Overall I feel this makes for a boring game experience despite Nano Kingdoms' straightforward controls and cute graphics.

The intro song easily immersed me into the war theme - maybe I'm a chick who digs tribal/battle songs like that - and I was, honestly, a little downed by the pixel text on the buttons, but some people fancy that so ah well.

Painted smoothly, the background matches well with the avatars of your Paladin and the Opponent. I like how the icons are arranged; they look simple to understand the immediate representation, organised to avoid being overwhelmed and easy to find so that you don't have to go through a lot of trouble to reach a function. The sprites are adorable! (They look like mochi cakes with limbs to me.)

There are multiple soundtracks depending on what situation you are in. Battle, victory, defeat, etcetera. And all of them are good in my opinion. As for the voice acting - cookies points for including this (joking) - I have no idea what language they exclaimed in. "Pakari! Soka! (something Latin-ish)." Regardless, I find it cute and fitting for such nano-sized sprites. :3 Before I forget to mention this, yes, you do get your healthy dose of sound effects in this game.

You control, totally, with your mouse - the one with a wire, not a tail. All you need to do to interact with your troop is clicking to set up buildings, command 'Attack/Defend', cast your Hero's special spell(s), upgrade your class troop, aaand so on.

I find the gameplay quite interesting, in fact a tad like a kawaii-version of Warcraft (just a tad), in the sense that you build, you cast spells, you plan a strategy of what to build first, and what troop to buy/recruit, which hero suiting your style, yadda yadda. Like the scenario style, fighting head on one-on-one with another army, namsayin?

The generic plot is forgiveable in this case since it does keep the game going without being weird or far-fetch. In fact, it's quite a satisfactory when you get to know why the other heroes are turning against the king. There's a mild characterization in each hero after all ... (nodding) Unlike the typical, lame "good-converted-to-evil-just-for-the-
heck-of-it" form of anti-heroes.

Art: 4.5 stars
Sound: 4.5 stars
Controls: 5 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars (sadly it gets monotonous when the battle gets stretched out)
Plot: 4 stars
Overall: 4.5 stars (4.4 stars)