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Reviews for "Nano Kingdoms"

Compadre, que buen juego, eso si, falto la version en español del juego : /
En lo tecnico, los graficos son muy vivos y alegres, y hacen que el juego no sea monotono. Los demas detalles como la musica y el arte tambien se ven bien en el juego. El unico problema que encontre fue cuando los enemigos llegan a tu base, y se quedan medio segundo lejos del castillo, como si esperaran el ataque de mis tropas para atacar, y eso hace que el juego se vuelva algo facil. Saludos desde Chile.

great game fun and smooth, upgrade system could be made clearer, i.e. need to upgrade castle before can upgrade barracks, be good to revisit any battle you want once finished game rather then replaying last.

good art direction and concept but the battles DRAG ON with nothing changing. so boring. 2 stars for the art and stuff though. loss of 3 stars for utterly mind numbing boring gameplay.

Decent game. The typos took me out of the story though "misterious"? *mysterious* my good sir.

King Henry Smile: "Why on earth did I name my son Alexander Red Devil?! I should've named him "Nice Loving Normal Guy"!

This game is exellent. I didn't see any balance problems that were claimed, and I found many of the playable characters to be useful in their own way, except Anakyn Rock, whose first ablity seems a bit lame except against certain players. My only real complaint on the mechanics is that there is nothing to play after the campaign. If you could rematch all the characters with all units and characters unlocked, then there might be a little more fun to be had. The best would be a way to play PvP. I would especially like a hard mode to squeeze a little more time out of the campaign.

I would definitely play the sequel if one were made. Way to go.