Reviews for "Nano Kingdoms"

Stuck on Blood 3

Amazing, would love to see a longer sequel of it :)
That last fight thought, was a bit... easy? Anyway, great game, challenging and fun.

This Game Could Not Be Described In One Word , It Is Extremely Exellent , Well Put Together , And A Twist ending , i hope the next one will have en more content, even more hero's and maybe even a multiplayer option , i'd love to be the joker if i could , but , you can never be the enemy

It was perfect, looking forward to the next one.

Putting aside some balance issues with some spells, I loved everything else. The story could use a little more depth, but it was good nonetheless, anyway, it was very cool to play while it lasted.

As I said, looking forward to a sequel.

PS:Another thing that needs balance: Not sure how to fix this, but all battles can be easily won with the first character just defending, stocking resources, spawning a few things, upgrading, spawning, attacking, winning. It all kinda gets too easy doing this.

The game was incredible on all angles! The cute soldiers and noises give the game charm, and the powers are over the top. Though the game has a few flaws. First, the game is a bit on the short side. Second, if you can beat the game with just Lex (which I did), maybe you should increase the difficulty a bit. Finally,the magic spells are overpowered. Black hole tears up everything, Joker's Jack in a Box glitch when it had Call of Duty, but it summoned Sword Punishment, and Call of duty is way too powerful! But overall, it was a great game and I can't wait for a sequel.