Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 1"

i went to see what she can do with jello so badly i would kill to see it. mmmmmmmmm yum jello mmmmmmmmmmm yum Zone-ton even better.

Heh, when Zone-tan gets pissed about the pony thing, near the end of her outburst, she turns into a 4-tailed Kyubi-fied Jinchuriki for a second. That scene kinda cracked me up. Also, the tall building in the distance behind her busts a window and smoke starts coming out. These little things really polish the flash off. Nice!

"im wathcing your fap?"...shit

I've been wondering for awhile; Zone-Tan is pretty hot, right? And she basically OWNS one of the most popular porn companies ever, right? Soooo, why hasn't she appeared in her own flash yet? Personally I think it's a great idea. And Zone-Tan, if you're reading this, this is a compliment so PLEASE don't rip my dick off and shove it up my ass...
I like my dick...

Ill give Zone something to watch. Hell yeah.