Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 1"

zomg the zone demon

So today I witness Zone Sama make her first flash with no porn, that should go down in animation history wouldn't you agree?

Concept: Zone Sama pronounces she's not dead with some announcements of what to expect as well as disappointingly addressing very little fan mail.

Aesthetic:To sum it up, "it's Zone-Feakin-Sama!" For review sake, Great colors, values,highlights shading etc,etc no point in telling what we already knows long before I even became a member. I love the voice actors Caxx as always does a good job bringing life to characters and it's no different Zone-Taaaaaaaaaan and the narrator is nothing short of hilarious.

Animation: While of course its pretty tame compared to many of the authors previous works, For what this flash is worth its pretty enjoyable to watch the subtle movements of her head and causal movement of her hands and arms really bring life to the character.

Humor: Pretty funny for a flash update. The banter between the two characters (one off screen) was entertaining. It also feels as thought they have a history together, be it on or off the air. Only thing I was disappointing in was how brief the fan mail was address. I know you've already gone out of your way just to make an announcement into a flash but I would've for you to at least answered five even if for nothing else, the sake of laughing.(assuming those questions were real in the first place)

Overall: Of course another good flash with the daily feature status to top it off. I'm glad were going to see more works from Zone pretty "soon" and I'm curious to see how many other ways the author will screw over my child-hood. (no pun intended)

100x better than real news

I would love to see Zone-tan in a porno

Oh good. Caxx. I love her, she was perfect.