Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 1"

well i dont think someone would hate zone tan if he turn into a green monster instead of a burning smoking head hahaha wew pony porn ha she really hate it i would even hate it.i would never request for such thing i would request zone tan than ponies. well i never seen zone tan has been in games and movies i always seen teen titans,lucky star etc. i even have in my desktop and i hide it of course for safe keeping i love zone a lot shes my inspiration even my desktop background is zonetan my parents always ask me whos that girl i always said a desktop background.by the way whats fap means

lol, never thought i would actually enjoy a news report :P

ok... I'll admit it. That was pretty fuckin' funny.

So thats what she sounds like.

Nice animation and voice acting. However, I find it quite funny that you insult cloppers and refuse to animate loli after having made a furry game and a hentai parody with a freaking robot. I admit those submissions were quite good, though I'm not familiar with the characters. I'm not a brony either or offended in any way. I'm just confused why you think bronies and lolicons (or their fetishes rather) are immoral when you have worked on some pretty nasty stuff yourself. Not calling you a hypocrite. Just confused about where you draw the line.

Don't take this as a flame. I can't call myself a fan yet, but I'm interested to see what stuff Zone's gonna have for us in the future, because the quality of your work is near excellent.