Reviews for "Controlling"

It's pretty awesome, I liked the overall idea of moving blocks to complete the puzzles.
The music gets a bit boring after some time.
Also, for those who are having problems at the first level, a tip: "Looping Map".

cool game, i couldnt hear any sound. that was a big sad but it was a good puzzler very simple, some more stages and more options to move more blocks, but keep it up

I read reviews of people who couldn't complete levels saying they where broken but that's not true. i managed to complete this game, also on the mac OSX 10.6.8 and nothing went wrong. Game get's boring in a while but it deserves a good 3.5 out of 5 if it's up to me.
Good luck on your next games!

Nice game but music is boring and level after "..." is rly poorly made.

Im stuck at the first level, i've been clicking thousands of times on everything (Left click) But 2.5 stars because it looks good.

Edit: I'm a fuckin idiot. this is a good game, ill give it a 3.5