Reviews for "Controlling"

Great little game! Seemed easy at first, then it got really complicated. Love a good challenge. Good job!

I feel like people are being a little overly critical of this game. I quite like it. Yeah, the level after "..." is just frustrating, not puzzling, but the rest of the game is fun, and the dialogue is presented nicely. Non-intrusive, a bit of narrative, not overly pretentious... I dig it. Yeah, the style of game won't suit a lot of people, but that's preference.

liked it, music got annoying pretty quickly.I didn't encounter any glitches, some of the levels just take a second, which is to be expected. :) not sure how i feel about the ending..XD

I quite like how you have to figure other ways on to the platform rather than just jumping. I also find the music quite fitting in the atmosphere of the game.

Pretty good concept here loved it