Reviews for "Controlling"

whoa, never thought i would get stuck.. but i totally loved it

I really love the minimalist nature of the game, and it's really clever the way the puzzling works. Although the solutions can be simple at times, that means that you never get so frustrated that you give up, and the parts where you have to be clever just makes it all the more satisfying to complete them.

For those who are having issues on the first level, no, your game's not bugging out, you just can't move soil. This isn't Minecraft. Think laterally.

The music is ok but the game is great :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Easy enough to play through without rage quitting, and clever enough to have me scratching my head a few times. Thanks for making it!

Tips for others:

1. after "..." - wallslide. You can pick up and move blocks while there.
2. at the level a few after that, where it's all blank and you get one block.....go left. don't try to jump across the entire screen for 10 mins like me.

@Mikey7000: You can't. You can move blocks with the mouse and walk through the bourders to come out the otherside of the screen, but you can't jump.