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Reviews for "Controlling"

I really love the minimalist nature of the game, and it's really clever the way the puzzling works. Although the solutions can be simple at times, that means that you never get so frustrated that you give up, and the parts where you have to be clever just makes it all the more satisfying to complete them.

For those who are having issues on the first level, no, your game's not bugging out, you just can't move soil. This isn't Minecraft. Think laterally.

Hints for the '...' level:
There is a spot above the exit in your control...
Wall sliding can slow you down to a halt, but only if you have enough wall to slide...
You won't make it there with too much downward momentum...

Great game, 'bit strange ending, but still a great game. (Yes that's right peeps, I said ENDING, it IS possible. Just remember, you need to think with portals, I mean blocks.)

I liked it. A lot.

Nice game and concept. I like the ending but I still think the ending could be better.