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Reviews for "Controlling"

Pretty boring game(not trying to be mean because you did your best trying to make an entertaining game)the music on here sounded boring but it matches with the game about the guy who thinks he's in control of his world.Nice game that you made and nice music that matches with this. =)

this does have a bit of the same thing goin on as "THE COMPANY OF MYSELF" which is a great game btw waaaay better than this so i dont blame you for takin from it but you need a jump button thats the number one flaw for this game.

Meh, this game had potential, but the level after the "..." screen ruined it. The exit on that level is impossible to reach by any means because there is no jump button, and falling from the top won't land you where you need to be, either.

This game didn't work for me and I couldn't even get past level 1.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and using Firefox 12.0

easy....not hard enough just as easy as the company of myself and concerned joe these games are too simple i want a really challenging game