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Reviews for "Controlling"

I feel like people are being a little overly critical of this game. I quite like it. Yeah, the level after "..." is just frustrating, not puzzling, but the rest of the game is fun, and the dialogue is presented nicely. Non-intrusive, a bit of narrative, not overly pretentious... I dig it. Yeah, the style of game won't suit a lot of people, but that's preference.

Nice game but music is boring and level after "..." is rly poorly made.

It's pretty awesome, I liked the overall idea of moving blocks to complete the puzzles.
The music gets a bit boring after some time.
Also, for those who are having problems at the first level, a tip: "Looping Map".

I read reviews of people who couldn't complete levels saying they where broken but that's not true. i managed to complete this game, also on the mac OSX 10.6.8 and nothing went wrong. Game get's boring in a while but it deserves a good 3.5 out of 5 if it's up to me.
Good luck on your next games!

block placing ain't workin' for me...