Reviews for "Controlling"

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Easy enough to play through without rage quitting, and clever enough to have me scratching my head a few times. Thanks for making it!

Tips for others:

1. after "..." - wallslide. You can pick up and move blocks while there.
2. at the level a few after that, where it's all blank and you get one block.....go left. don't try to jump across the entire screen for 10 mins like me.

Pretty good concept here loved it

Im stuck at the first level, i've been clicking thousands of times on everything (Left click) But 2.5 stars because it looks good.

Edit: I'm a fuckin idiot. this is a good game, ill give it a 3.5

Nice game and concept. I like the ending but I still think the ending could be better.

Very nice, the story was the best part, though!