Reviews for "Asteroid Storm"

Ehh, it's average. I would say jazz it up to improve it, since it plays smoothly and I couldn't find any glitches, but it got old after 3 rounds or so. There's skill involved, but sometimes you get a wall of asteroids which inevitably ends your streak. Not a bad game, but work on making it more unique to come back to and play again.

I think you should have more than just an annoying sound loop for music and a better death effect but other than that I like this game

How does one reset when you have crashed into something. Not a very inspired game.

basic, the navigation was alright but i found that spots i should have been able to squeeze through i couldnt, the stars....i think they were... i thought were some kind of point system and i spent awhile trying to pick them up. there was no depth to the game, after the first minute of the game, you have played the whole thing. maybe some extras in the game would make it better but for now i cant give it any more than 2.5

Enjoyable. Boring at first, but it got addicting.