Reviews for "Simgirls (Full Version)"

Ok I like the Ami but she is a dick some times. -_- with the amy end, you say you love her and yell at you on hw you better not be fucking with her or when you give her a gift she thinks its a bribe I always stop and say. 'Ami you are a dick sometimes!' XD lol

sim-man responds:

Interesting. I always want to know how many percentage of people will actually choose Ami, if they only have one chance.

How can I stop Kotomi from farting?

Where can I find portfolios of Ami and Karin?

Please help

sim-man responds:

No there's no way to stop her from farting in the game, although her problem will be fixed in some endings. There are no portfolios for Ami and Karin, as they are not considered the main girls in this game.

I've been playing this game since I was 5. Finally it is done :)

sim-man responds:

5? Are you serious??

I enjoyed it very much.Just 2 things
1. Make the Play option workable for Kotomi and Karin in their homes.
2. Give us a report card on Day 100 about total items bought and spent,no. of hidden scenes unlocked,no. of endings unlocked,relationship with the girls,items achieved etc.

sim-man responds:

Thanks for the comments. I am now working on Simgirls 2 but your ideas are useful for the next game.

This is an epic Game, I have played it more than 52 times but I can't get the romantic ending with TOMOKO, could u tell me how to get it ??

sim-man responds:

Keep her h-level at 0. Choose carefully during each scene. Of course you must make her a lover.

There is also a new hidden ending for the "spend time alone" option. See Ami for details.