Reviews for "Simgirls (Full Version)"

Trying to get some of these endings, but the damn swimming minigame is so laggy I can't win. Don't have problems with any of the rest of the game, even the fights. What the hell?

very good game thanks for sharing them.. i can suggest it to my friend

sim-man responds:

Thank you so much for sharing

I love this on 20 different levels. I remember always picking casual, thinking, "Oh, he's good at EVERYTHING"

Casual character sucks.

Loved this game then, and it makes me have an emotional nutt even today.

God bless.

I love how you've redone it, there is so much to do now and sometimes it does become a tad unbearable - but I guess in the end it's all worth it aha.
I'm still not sure how I feel about the girls numbers and stats always changing but I guess it makes it more engaging.

Great work, man!

Man, maybe it is 15 years old but that the most difficult game I played so far. Difficult but so interesting, thera are so many possibilities and you have to fit the challenges, not quite simple but after an entire day listing the possibilities and the ways to discover every "hiden scene" it is just crazy how this game is excellent. Sir (and everyone working with you), this is a work of art you made ther: thank you.

sim-man responds:

You are welcome my friend. It can be hard if you want to discover all secrets. Also try to play Simgirls VN too. It is different from the original, simple and straightforward.