Reviews for "Planet 161"


This game is really fun!
i really enjoyed it 5 stars

This isn't a top game because its FROM LUDUM DARE.
Give a reasonable score.Instead of reviewing it as a common game that was in development for more than one week,review it knowing the programming skills of the author for making this in just 48 hours.
Remember,the art,the animation,the sounds,the mechanics + gameplay,the testing(sometimes more than the author),the programming and the story was all done by the same author.The game can't be a Portal in number of levels due to the short time,and also can't be a Skyrim in terms of graphics.So yes,be more kind to the author please.
I give this a 5 for the excellent effort.Good music,with adequate graphics and an interesting gameplay (weapons,puzzles and a tiny but nice story)
Keep up the good work flash creators of the ludum dare,don't listen to the reviews that doesn't look at your game as a piece of quick creation skills!

Really amazing game. Felt like I was back in the dos/win3.1 era

I pressed my ass, why doesn't the game start? D: