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Reviews for "Shopping Mall Parking"

good game, love the game play also. handling of the car is a bit hard imo. I could drive better than that valet, lol.

Hey, nice one! I remember playing something like this a long time ago, but this one is a much better take on the concept. For starters, the graphks are three-dimensional! It's one of the best driving games I've seen in a while in terms of graphics, and the physics remind me of GTA 3 (though they're obviously a bit simpler). It's nice how the different cars have different speeds and therefore are differently hard to control. I thought it would be a piece of cake at the start, but it turns out it wasn't. It gets progressivly more challenging! Though I do wish you could fill up the whole parking lot instead of just taking out cars for every other car parked, that would give a real sense of accomplishment. I mean, if you filled the whole lot there would actually be a goal with the game instead of only a score. Otherwise, this was really fun to play. Great game design, and great controls. How about transforming these physics and graphics into a racing game? That would be awesome!


AWESOME!,JUST AWESOME! graphics great, glitch resistance is high, driving like GTA and physics awesome, just awesome! Bloody Best!

Love this game, but unfortunatly i cant play it her, after loading the screen turns and stays black. Anyone have any idea why that is?

a good game, I liked the gameplay