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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

so i have been trying this for some time, it seems that the game freezes as soon as the hint box appears in the lower corner. i can open the help menu. i would like to play this game, it sounds interesting but... i don't know. it looks like some form of conflict in the programing but i really can't say.

mexipino responds:

Hmmn, you could try the version on my site? Idk, it's kind of hard to know exactly what is wrong when everything works on my end.

its a good game but i wish it was longer :(

toooooooooooooooooooo short, but very cool!! i'm already waiting for creative kill chamber 3!

Crappy controls, you need to click all over the place just to find the sweet spot for doing something. The cursor should at least change when you are Over the sweet spot
Also, a little background music never killed anyone

its an awesome game just like the last one its got great graphics and the kills are quite creative but i'm giving it 4.5 because i liked it better when the mouse whould change to a hand before you clicked on something like in the first on the new action bar down the bottom annoys me but ill learn to live with it eventually
i think its and epic game because i love stick figure stuff
p.s. i was stuck n the water level where the guy had a harpoon guy for i while