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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

Pretty Good. However, the fight with the samurai near the end is pointless. After the first block attempt, I died ten times trying to click the right spot in order to kill him. I found the final "fight" somewhat humerous in a dark comedy kind of way. I've always liked click adventurs,to tell the truth, and violence with stick figures are usually humerous, no matter how violent.

There is a glitch were if you click the code pad in level 1 when you place it in the box it will disapear and you will have to reload the game apart from that good game.

mexipino responds:

It seems a few people had that issue. I haven't been able to replicate the bug myself however. Interesting that reloading it fixes the problem....

part 1 was amazing and this ons has more blood :D

I'm having the same issues as others,
The game starts and only tells me to pay attention to the action box, it's a shame because I was looking forward to this...

mexipino responds:

Well, here's a freebie; You need to click at Monty's feet to get him to lay down. Hope that's not too much of a spoiler.

This is a fun and short game. Some of the clicks were challenging, dealing with the ninja. Keep up the good work.