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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

I enjoyed this game once I figured out how to aim the sniper rifle for that first kill. I had no problem with anything but the third guard, abovewater harpoon guy, and grenade guy. You get more than enough time to kill enemies once you figure out that clicking your target aims at them, and this really wasn't much of a challenge. The only problem (and i really don't find this to be a problem) is that the places you have to click are sometimes not obvious.

what do i have to do in the first part?

Sorry, but this needs work.

The main problem I have with it is that requires you to not just click quickly, but also rather precisely - and for no good reason, since this isn't a skill game. For instance, I have been literally unable to kill the guard that throws the grenade at you after you get out of the water tunnel; my character's taking off the dive suit, and when I can finally actually CLICK on the guard to kill him, I get a "how do you want to kill him?" menu. And since none of the options is either under my mouse cursor already nor large enough to hit with a quick flick-your-wrist-and-click, he always kills me.

IMO, that's a textbook example of fake difficulty. The game isn't bad otherwise, but this really ruins it for me. Sorry.

got stuck into the input the code thing , instead of holding i clicked on the box , no it dissapearred , what Im supposed to do ?

Love it, just like the first the first one, only this time you win in almost every action :D