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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

Incredibly glitchy, couln't even make it past the first kill.

Ok i started the game and when i had to drag the codex thing to the box i unclicked and it dissapeared and i cant advance. no stars for having a fatal bug and no way to restart your progres to fix it.

Awesome as Fuck

Nice Game, but it lacks explanation.
I had no Idea what to do from the very start. The "Pay close attention to the Action Box" wasnt helping at all, quite the opposite. You should point out, that you have to hover certain areas to execute actions.
btw: There is a bug when you have to input the code: if you click the code instead of drag'n'dropping it, it just disappears and you are stuck.

AWESOME GAME,the only thing that kinda sucked was it's being short
story was awesome,but should have been some sort of intro or something about this guy getting kidnapped or something
graphics=amazingly done
actully thinking in game on what to do or what to press=pretty good
keep up the good work!
oh and for jxan98:
you just joined today
you never made a game
nor a flash
please.don't criticize games that are awesome,or gtfo.