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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

If anyone is stuck right away, it says in the description, click monties feet to have him lay down.

Can't find out what to do. Just 2 guys stand and do nothing whatever I press or click. No description too. Feel pretty dumb about that.

Awesome game but theres some glitches.

cristian... clck on the screen...

I have no idea if its a bug in the game but when I start the first level no matter what button I press nothing happens. You have no description for the controls of the game with the exception of "Pay close attention to the action button" which is permanently blank for me. If you had descriptions so that I knew this game was buggy for sure I wouldn't vote on it until its done but since I have no way of knowing if this is how the game is supposed to be or not I'm going to vote it 0 stars because "for me anyway" the game is just two guys standing there with nothing happening and no description that its suppose to be anything other than that.