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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

A good game, but too short. Some of the deaths weren't that creative either. The shock grenade was cool, and I liked kneeing someone in the face, but not that great of kills.

All and all this is a very simple game. 4.5/5 It should have been at tad bit more harder. Loved it though bro. Keep up the good work.

Really simple but I loved it

I'd give it a five except for the fact that there is not a lot of reaction time. Also its very short and not a lot of interesting ways to kill. Though I did enjoy the spore gun, I'd also like to see more hand to hand. The knee was something interesting to watch. Overall decent game

This game doesn't seem to function. I'm in the first room, and there is nothing to click on, just a tip saying to watch the action bar (none of which is clickable, either.) For such an unintuitive game, I award you zero points.