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Reviews for "Fracuum"

I don't even...
Get the words to describe what I think about this master piece. I take my hat off before you.

my head hurts.......

Arg, tried to make a Wordpress account to vote for you but the email hasn't showed up...
This game is genius though! Thanks and I will gladly buy Closure to show support although I didn't enjoy the demo for that quite as much as Fracuum

why cant i play this game? =(

Since you only had 48 hours to make this I can't blame you for going with the "8-bit retro" style. However I would have liked it if you went something more modern (the music makes me think of something "Sci-Fi"). Other then that I have next to zero qualms about this game. Kind of reminds me of Dark Souls in the sense that your goal is simple (Here's it's get to the center while in Dark Souls it's get to the next Demon) and the "keep retrying" factor that adds to the re-playability.