Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

This stuff is nicotine, dude! I have been playing this freaking game for hours and it's amazing how I can never get tired of it! I think the best part is probably how the monsters are so wonderfully designed. It's great to see all this crazy stuff going on. It broke my heart on that one level with the black dragon, I managed to beat every enemy and even had the dragon down to a fourth of his health and I still lost! I have no clue why this isn't the #1 spot on the all time best.

The music is fantastic, completely flawless. I love how there's such a great attitude of adventure and everyone looks like they're having fun. Well, the characters in the game I mean. I'm certainly having as much fun as them. Most of the time I get medals without even knowing what I'm supposed to be doing. It all adds up to a fantastic, flawless game, friend!

tempalabs responds:

Thank you for your encouraging comment :)
Hopefully this game not doing you any harm like nicotine :D

very addictive. thumbs up!

soorry fur the rating i cant seem to fix it but i give it a 5 =3

Does anyone know how to save your game and come back to it?

tempalabs responds:

@marteleu1: You should be able to save your game automatically. Or you can also right click of the Flash player, choose setting, and change the memory size.

First of all excellent game, very original to i love the attack/movement concept!

The biggest downside is the fact that you have durability in your weapons, even when you're dashing, i find this utterly bullshit. As it isn't expensive enough to shop, and now you have to pay 50gp for an extra turn with an elemental weapon? This ruins this game for me..

The level system is quite slow to say the least, you are forced to grind a lot. Now i don't mind the grinding but after a few hours it gets very repetive.

Overall i find this to be a great game despite these flaws im giving. And i'm intented to finish every challenge aswell.