Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

i found the game quite addicting at the beginning and i have been playing this for a long time to earn more medal points, but to be frank, the game was poorly designed and i am under the impression that the in game challenges have not been tested throughoutly because the game interface is not very player friendly, and more importantly, some of the later levels are actually impossible.

take an example: battle 15, gold challenge.

i was not allowed to use any items to boost the stats during battle and the damage i deal is halved. this makes it impossible to beat that level because all the enemies have more than 50 health points and i can only inflict 1 HP damage at a time. the only way to pass that level is to perform 100 combos easily, which is clearly beyond anyones' ability.

being not able to completely all challenges is still not a big problem. the level upgrade system, which is not well desgined, matters a lot. the experience requirement increases exponentially with each level, and i have to spend an excessive amount of time to earn enough EXP to tackle stronger enemies. the character stat upgrade system should be more flexible. that is, players should be able to adjust the health points, attack points, etc..., so that we don't have to start over again in case i didn't upgrade the attributes smartly.

there should be hot keys. i sometimes press the wrong button in the attack menu because the screen moves. to make matter worse, occasionally i was not able to aim at the enemies with the right force when the enemies are at the bottom of the screen. we should have the option to zoom in or out.

the major portion is way too expensive and it is often more economical to buy the medium porton instead.

not every aspect about the game is covered in the tutorial. for example, it takes me a while to notice that the attack bar fills up slowly if you approach the enemy with less speed.

overall, there is nothing too interesting about the concept of the game, however, the game could be much more enjoyable if all these problems are fixed.

The innovative battle/movement dynamics is the saving grace of this game, but still needs a lot of refinement.
Some issues:
-GUI and outer portions of arena will block portions of the arrow.
-movement/attack is very buggy and erratic; sometimes I do random attacks multiple times.
-Ties into above criticism that the AI goes bonkers.
-No intuitive feedback info. What is enemies' range? How do I know what units/elements will be effective, when will enemies do extra elemental attacks?
--- A BIIG fault: Friendly Fire??? Not only will a mistake lead to either a death of a teammate and/or a loss, it's random (I really don't understand why sometimes there would even be a push force click-event on a teammate). I'd understand if there were the simple ricochet 1-dmg effect, but that needs to be fixed.
-A lot of upgrades are completely boring and seem useless. You don't really feel the upgrades.
-upgrade curve and market need revision (I have all this money with nothing to use it on except cheap items).
-Spells/more dynamic attack system? It's just all attacks.
-adding billiard-like angles.
-tweak ricochet damage/push values.
+ I do love the great attack/movement system! Innovative. Great new tactical potential. Hopefully you can polish it off.


Weapons in this game are so frustrating and the system for them is absolutely horrible. I lost 2 weapons from the get go because I thought I turned them off when I didn't, then a third when I didn't realize that by "turns" you meant attacks and not entire rounds. Rather than simply giving the player the ability to add a bonus to their attacks for a few turns you instead punish them harshly for literally no good reason. Having your weapon destroyed does not add any depth to this game and with the durability system being as confusing as it is it's a turn off for new players. It's not like I can go back to an older save file either and reverse my mistake since saving is automatic.

The game has some potential though honestly it felt really grindy. Having your weapons destroyed really screws it up though and makes the game tons less fun since weapon drops are not common and upgrading them is expensive.

tempalabs responds:

The weapon is actually a bit rare and should be used sparingly. Your character is entirely capable of attacking enemies without any weapon equipped.

I ve been doing the same level for the last 30 minutes. I think it is kind of unfair, that they just heal themselves back for 20 or more hp (while i barely manage to get them to as low as 7 hp, with repeatedly doing 1 dmg, but gaining double turns 6-7 times in a row.)
Potions cost too much, same thing about the weapons, when they just get destroyed after 15 turns (14 if you try to save the weapon not using the last turn...).
Creeps get tossed out of map sometimes, and they suddenly just charge back.
Also i should get critical hit 30% of the time, but its not happening. Ever.
my hopes were just too high.

that sucked!i was hoping it would actully be simalar to the legend of zelda or somthing like thati ts a little good but it needs better graphics PLUS no adventure its to boring its wores than school