Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

So many complain~~~ but i still like it =3=

Fun but extremely slow.

Okay so sliding around as use of an attack is kind of an interesting concept and I have to say I've enjoyed it a lot. I also like revisiting the levels with different difficulties and I find the Gold and Platinum to be both difficult and thrilling.

But let's visit some issues now.

Speed. The game is already designed around an element of RPG style game play that I completely despise and that is grinding. Power Leveling all the characters is just a time consuming task and later on it is near impossible with how long it takes. With the slow pace of grinding there is also how long it takes for a dash move to settle. After you dash it takes time for the attack to decrease momentum and eventually you are watching your character taking seconds to just finally halt to a stop. It wasn't so bad at first but then later the repetitive nature of how long it took for a dash to finish built up into what essentially amounted in several hours of game play that could have been already sending me well on through the progression of leveling up and continuing to the next stage.

Now aside from this there were also some really irritating glitches and a terrible physics engine.

What seemed like logical ways to ricochet off of walls just didn't work and would often send me back in the original direction. Sometimes my tricks would work fine, but other times it would just fail and with the same surfaces and same angels as well. This shows there is a great deal of inconsistency when using the walls and thus makes them very unreliable. A really annoying glitch is that sometimes it would show the screen centered away from my character after an attack when it was still my turn, also the combat menu was often off the screen or somewhere ridiculous and unreadable.

Other factors to consider as well. You should slow down the text speed in combat so I can actually read what weapons an enemy is about to equip and also you should work on some of the glitching. Obviously you cared more about the general design to notice the functionality. Your menus and indicators that were suppose to help me were off base and instead became a hindrance.

I also wish I didn't have to unlock the other characters. Another issue is that all the knights are universal to so many degrees. I mean, quite honestly at some point increasing speed is just useless and so eventually Nana gets to be the high damager (and she's even the best at it) and gets out of combat quickly. You should maybe work on giving us different abilities differing with each knight. I know this game doesn't work and follow on magic and solely on Dash, but honestly there should be like buff abilities or something that actually fits the job description of some of the characters. Like make Nana have the ability to camouflage herself or the Barbarian to go into a fit of rage after a certain percent of health is gone, and even the Paladin to have taunts because he is the tank.

Also work on the A.I., they do really stupid stuff and half the time it seems their strategy is to either go for the weakest person or go for the closest.



tempalabs responds:

Thanks for comprehensive feedback. I have implemented various fix to improve the game speed.
Character skill is a really neat idea! I would love to implement them if I have the time.
About the AI, there are a lot of factor for each enemy to consider. Some of them like you said, find the weakest, or find the closest. But there are also find who have the lowest fire resistance, find character who idle (not guarding/countering), etc. Since the maximum hero is 4, there are not that much target to pick for enemy, so it maybe seems they always attack the same person.

pretty cool game except i really hate the fact that if you bounce off of something into 1 of your team mates you attack them and that's B.S

an ok game
the enemies should be weaker and have better ai
it gets annoying when you get a 5 combo to barely damage a big enemy and then get two shotted

i found the game quite addicting at the beginning and i have been playing this for a long time to earn more medal points, but to be frank, the game was poorly designed and i am under the impression that the in game challenges have not been tested throughoutly because the game interface is not very player friendly, and more importantly, some of the later levels are actually impossible.

take an example: battle 15, gold challenge.

i was not allowed to use any items to boost the stats during battle and the damage i deal is halved. this makes it impossible to beat that level because all the enemies have more than 50 health points and i can only inflict 1 HP damage at a time. the only way to pass that level is to perform 100 combos easily, which is clearly beyond anyones' ability.

being not able to completely all challenges is still not a big problem. the level upgrade system, which is not well desgined, matters a lot. the experience requirement increases exponentially with each level, and i have to spend an excessive amount of time to earn enough EXP to tackle stronger enemies. the character stat upgrade system should be more flexible. that is, players should be able to adjust the health points, attack points, etc..., so that we don't have to start over again in case i didn't upgrade the attributes smartly.

there should be hot keys. i sometimes press the wrong button in the attack menu because the screen moves. to make matter worse, occasionally i was not able to aim at the enemies with the right force when the enemies are at the bottom of the screen. we should have the option to zoom in or out.

the major portion is way too expensive and it is often more economical to buy the medium porton instead.

not every aspect about the game is covered in the tutorial. for example, it takes me a while to notice that the attack bar fills up slowly if you approach the enemy with less speed.

overall, there is nothing too interesting about the concept of the game, however, the game could be much more enjoyable if all these problems are fixed.