Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

Bug: get killed by bombing self + two turns= a dead man/woman turn

Very nice game

Great concept, good gameplay, fantastic music.
However, it's riddled with bugs, many of which are explained in other reviews. The absolute KILLER bug was that when I upgraded to be able to increase element damage on weapons, it didn't work! Instead, it let me upgrade their durability! This means that I can do pretty much no elemental damage at all to any of the later opponents because of their resistance and have no chance of getting the 100 damage achievements, but the useless weapons last for more turns -_-
In terms of gameplay, there is no tutorial explaining how to do combos. I couldn't tell how to differentiate between actively attacking again with the same character after the opponent bounced and the attacking character simply getting hit. Also, as character speeds got higher with leveling, it became more difficult to see the trajectory, as the view doesn't move with the mouse while aiming.
Another point is that it would make sense to be able to buy weapons from the shop, but you can only get potions, and weapons are lost entirely after use.
Ultimately, I would have really enjoyed this game if there weren't so many problems with it. Please sort out the bugs!!!

very nice game dude but i found this bug:the masteries of element upgrade and durability are switched. why would i want to upgrade durabylity to 100?

Very good game,

Two things that bugged though:
1. Friendly fire hurts! I mean, why would I want to perform a full-scal attack on my team?
2. You should be able to scale the map while the "Move" action is selected. Characters with high speed, have arrows that go further that the delimited screen.

Save from that, a very nice game! Congrats'!