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Reviews for "Naos"

It's ok, laggy, I mean its obvious that the graphics are crappy, I'm just not sure if its a bad thing or not; didn't get very far, very slow game.

Seagaia responds:

It uses full-screen blur and other graphical manipulations in a stupid and inefficient way, so it would likely be laggy on (relatively) older computers. Sorry!

Nice game, but not exactly my cup of tea. I am intrigued though. Just who the heck is that girl the PC keeps running into, and what the heck is up with those paintings? Looking it over, I can't help but think that there's a deeper story here somewhere...

Seagaia responds:

In some sense, yeah. There was a rough idea I was trying to get across - puzzle it out yourself! Really you can't go wrong with whatever you glean from the game...if you want to know how I interpret the game, PM me or something, but I'll give you a rough idea - "creativity"

Contrary to what everyone else is saying I love it. Its got a Unique art style, It has some nice story to it, and i like how it made me Think when it was over. It's Great. I would love to see something else like this.

Seagaia responds:

thanks. i'm glad it made you think about whatever! i'm not planning to expand this particular game, but elements from it in the same stylistic vein i want to work into later games..

.......... Kind of reminds me of a dream. I dream about weird things...............................

Seagaia responds:

I dream and think about weird things too. And then I make games about them, in some ways, to confuse the hell out of people. Keep dreaming about weird things. And then make something from those (not necessarily games - maybe pottery, food, blankets, etc)

I really wanted to like this game. The art style was different, and sort of cool in a sketchy way. It turned out to be more like a very simple visual novel almost. The "gameplay" was very limited, but the story was enough to keep me moving forward. The biggest issue in my eyes (pun not intended) is the infuriating blurring and sharpening of the background. After playing the whole game (which only took 5 minutes) I had quite a headache. Still, very nice, especially for a 24 hour project. Do you think you could disable the blurring thing though?

Seagaia responds:

Sorry for the headache. Maybe that is why I have a terrible headache right now (I took an Advil, maybe it will make things okay...). The blurring and sharpening were me playing around with a bunch of little manipulations to see what kind of effects I could get (this is more or less the first time I've done that sort of thing). I like the effect but can understand how it can be painful. I will probably use it again in the future but in a more "experienced" fashion now that I've done it a few times.

Yeah the gameplay side isn't much. The painting thing was actually the main "point" initially but then the whole thing sort of just snowballed into...this. I've been playing around with different ways players can interact with stuff, in this case it ended up as a half-broken painting thing. o_O

I think there is some point I wanted to make with this game...it makes it to me of course, but it's probably lost on most. But that's okay, I didn't do that great of a job getting it across. Who knows..