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Reviews for "Naos"

I don't really get games like this, but it was a nice distraction, and I like the art style, the music hurt my head though.

I really love strange games and this one is one of htose thta makes your mind go awkward or start spinnin. nice job on it :3

It's perfect and just plain weird at the same time. I frickin' love it.

Sincerely, I have to admit that for now, I couldn't think anything about it. As some, I had a headache because of the blur, and my paintigs look horrible, but I can't get off this feeling there's something behind this...

Maybe there is, maybe there's not. Maybe that's the whole point. Anyway, I loved the concept:I really expect to see more of your work around here.


Seagaia responds:

Oh, a lot of the graphics were me playing with a general aesthetic that I'd like to incorporate into a game I'm wrking on. Of course, that aesthetic would be polished to not be so headache-inducing (sorry!). I have my own interpretation of the game and if you're really interested feel free to PM me and I'll explain. Thanks for playing!

And I'm releasing a platformer (soon...). It was finished in early march but the sponsorship process takes foreeeevvvver. It's aesthetically nothing like this, but yeah. keep an eye out!

Darn not loading....
I give half cus i didnt play it lol

Seagaia responds:

You should try it in a different browser then, or maybe your Flash Player's out of date!

Also it doesn't make sense to rate something you didn't play. That's like <some metaphor here>

This is a very strange game. The graphics are not good at all. The controls are okay.
This is good work for a game made within 48 hours. Will there be a sequel?

Seagaia responds:

Not a direct sequel. But the aesthetics I used in this game have given me some great ideas for a game I'm working on, that in some ways needs to be a little unsettling (with more polish, this game's aesthetic will help that game get to its goal - this art style was more proof of concept. A very rough iteration of a general style, I guess.).