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Reviews for "Route 1 "

Good job!

the fighting was pretty cool

TheCorruptedOne, what is your problem? This is a great animation, and you're butthurt about those details.
And what if that Cyndaquil was bred to know Flame Wheel? Huh? Just shut up and enjoy the flash, as it is a really decent one.


ok so a gen 2 trainer with a lvl 5 gen 2 starter in route one as if they started there...( cause they had only one lv 5 pkmn) Unless Trainer Gold came to Kanto from Johto and went to Pallet town with a lvl 5 cyndaquil, then it would make more sense. This shorts kid seemed to be a cross between rattata Joey and every shorts freak in the game. I did like how the trainer exploded and left behind an ''item'' like in the Mega Man games. The animation was nice and the actual battle was pretty good (except maybe the lvl 5 flame wheel). so yea it was decent.