Reviews for "Garden Door"

Not only is it nicely challenging, it's also rather cute. Adorable, in fact. Like the "find 10 gnomes" one. :-) I strongly recommend folks try to tough it out on this one before looking for walkthroughs & whatnots - it's actually fairly doable with a little bit of thought & observation, and is rather satisfying to solve entirely on your own. :-) (I know - I've "cheated" (aka "walkthrough") on any number of these things - I didn't on this one, and liked it much, much more).

I like how you ended this! Nice transition. :)

My only complaint was that the objects weren't translated into English like the rest of the game, but if you're patient enough you can figure it out.

I've always enjoyed your games. Please keep up the good work.

Just one word: Genius.

Congrats, you've escaped from the garden and have entered daymare town.

You, sir, are amazing. I love how you gave all of the items their own names, and how slightly creepy the game was. It was as if entering another world.