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Reviews for "The Mustache"

goodness, I feel the same way about my mustache.

Great animation.

Good quality. Classic style.

Woah... I did not expect that twist at the end... he is Hitler... it makes perfect sense...

As for the visuals and such, I really liked it, it seems you understand how animation works, and you know how to execute it well. The coloring was more on dull side, but everything matched and blended well with each other. I really like how it's more retro-styled and the movement breaks reality a bit, THAT'S what I love seeing in animation, nice job.

JAJAJAJAJAJ, very well animated(smoothy, but with this traces of ren and stimpi), and the pun was hillaroius. After much times i dont lol that hard with a flash. 5/5

No flies here ! *Rocks out* \m/ XD \m/
great backgrounds and fbf :)