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Reviews for "The Mustache"

Hahahah brilliant................


BRAVO! MAKE MORE! ok i had some time before i revied this so i used it wisely i consulted 3 people about this episode and 2 of them were jewish and they were both descended from Germ/Jew(as they called it) ancestors. To answer questions for some of the viewers; This was E rated because it can not in any way be considered offensive. Mainly because in the moral outlook and long-run of the storyline, the man with the mustache(obviously not related to historical facts) becomes an apparent Hitler of the sorts. This pretty much states that Hitler and his regime had no REAL reasons for their nonsense and so forth mocks and humiliates the point of Hitler and his followings. My friends said that this toon made them feel a bit gitty about the fact they are who they are. Also stated was "Why cant people ease up and start laughing on the past and learning from others mistakes AND ignorance...and just get over it and ignore the people who think they can still be like nazis...They'll never succeed nowadays lol" It also shows that the mustache was more iconic than hitler himself, hes become a laughing matter :D make more! and longer time frames!

definitely did not see that coming.

Why is this rated E?