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Reviews for "PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7"

Absolutely great!
There was nothing i could have made better,seriously!
The voice actors including you did their job perfect!
Also i love the atmosphere,the music and the story turns make the movies awesome.
I have never see a pokemon die that really made me sad for a reason but in a good way.
The jokes where funny too but and thats the only thing that i would critizise is , that the irony could be a little more obvious `cause the first time i watched it i didn`t get it.

Keep up the good work! I`ll wait for your next masterpiece.

teejay-number13 responds:

What didn't you get the first time?

you are Awesome!! you are the only one who would kill off a Legendary!! you are Awesome!!

I just saw all your work today and love it. I can tell u had fun doing this then to watch it done most be a great feeling. I wanted to make flashs to but my lazyness pwns me lol and my 360,PS3 and Wii....and NEWGROUNDS....anyways its great to see others over coming wat keeps them and get there work done. Ill be waiting in a pokeball till your next flash appers.
teejay-number13 gets a new fan ( Q Victory soundtrack).

Awesome series! I really enjoy the interactive battles. Lol just burn kyruem with Houndour, stall with your weaker pokemon while letting Machoke and Gardevoir finish him with low kicks and shadow rushes. :D

You know as i have been playing around with the interactive aspect i found out that the matches are in fact random generated and not on some set line of actions cause the first 3 moves i used was the exact same in the first and second time i battled jay (lost the first one) and turns out the third move for the second round was a critical and not a regular super effective hit. now what i noticed about Pokemon is, if every thing you do is exactly the same thing you did the first time you do it in the game, you get exactly what you got the first time you did it so just to see that makes the random generator you made for this a good one in my opinion. sure its small but hey I'm giving you 5 stars

teejay-number13 responds:

Well, the moves that the enemies use and the chance for critical hits are randomly selected so the battles do not follow a set pattern. Which is what some people seem to think.