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Reviews for "PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7"

Really awesome work, man. I jsut have 1 problem tho: You kinda had a lack fo balance with the music and the voice acting. While I hafta admit the VAs have gotten better from the last ep, in here the music is a lil bit too louder than the voice acting in battles and outside of battles you can barely hear the music over the voices.

Other than that, great job. Hope you fix that in ep 8. Nonetheless, awesome job, mang. :D

teejay-number13 responds:

The ambient music was a little louder originally but I felt it was too distracting from the voices, so I lowered it. Inside the battle, I want the music a little louder to make the battle more exciting.

I was truly impressed by this! I can't believe that I never stumbled onto this awesome series before! I think its strongest point is how by allowing Gardevoir to talk, you really create a true sense of bond between pokemon and trainer. I haven't seen the other episodes, so I have no idea how that came to be. Rina-chan was absolutely flawless as usual. I love this because it raises some interesting topics about the pokemon world.

Are there people out there who kill pokemon for their fur? I recall an episode of the anime where a poacher appeared, but that never really got into much detail. Every pokemon fan should love this. In fact, it's so awesome, anyone who's a fan of anything should love this. I'm so proud that I managed to get past the first time. I've never even played those games before.

the story is so down right basically awesome

funny thing about it is, the moment, i saw gardevoir actually acting all jealous and shit, i was like ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt, gardevoirs has a "thing" for her trainer

so, what i did was i went and watched ALL the pokemon world of chaos episodes, ya it took a long time to finish, but it was worth it, and i can say the story is downright amazing, i'd love for this to actually be a story in the pokemon world

because if it were, i would get into pokemon, im not a pokemon fan, actually i sorta find pokemon weird and pointless, but thanks to this, i may actually start giving pokemon a look

you have improved so much over the time, and i can say hey good job, the voice acting is well played, and you did well with the animation as well

I cracked up when he fell and said ow! xD

i feel bad for kyurem he was my faviorte legedary