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Reviews for "PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7"

Great work and very fun gameplay. The stories just keep getting better and better! I loved when you implemented the "participate" option into the episodes, it makes it more fun and I also liked that you added the voices. The implementation of pokemon music really fits in and I liked it very much. I do have to point out a cool glitch though when I chose the "participate" option against Kyourem. I chose houndour and burned Kyourem. Then I went with dig and Kyourem attacked me with glaciate. My houndour got the status "frozen", but he was still beneath the surface as it was using dig. All of Kyourem's attacks missed and at the same time he was getting burned every turn. While that was happening, hondour was still beneath the ground saying "hondour is frozen". Just wanted to point out that glitch I found! Anyways, awesome episode and I hope you keep making more, Teejay!

teejay-number13 responds:

Really? I found that glitch during the testing phase. I could have sworn I took care of it.