Reviews for "PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7"

I can tell you guys, that Teejay is committed to this series and it should be something to follow. Especially with the constant improvements, as in my opinion, every episode is better than the last. That being said there are different kinds of episodes, ones which progress the plot, and others which are more erratic and action filled. This one, to me has both and didn't have the feeling of a "Filler," which is what I like about the series. And there are always surely to be tiny cosmetic errors with coding and flash, just as sure there will always be people eager to point them out. The important ones are the big ones, which are mostly taken care of. Anyway I hope you continue to improve the series. For anybody that is a fan, I did a little art piece tribute of one of the scenes, you can find in my art section or here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ea stbeast/does-this-make-me-look

Now here's a series I can actually get behind! You seriously know what the hell you're talking about when combining the mythos from not just the handheld, but the console games as well! Finally, somebody's jumping on the Colloseum/XD wagon and making something out of it! There's enough knowledge of the poke'mon universe here that veterans such as myself are loving every bit of it!
The story seems actually pretty immersive, and the animation ain't too bad either; but once the voice acting came into it, I've started losing interest. Rina-chan is doing a wonderful job, as usual, but I'm really not liking all of this other voice acting; it's too stilted and emotionless. If I actually had a job of online voice acting, I'd register myself to work for you. But as is...I'd recommend some better talents; especially from you, Mr. Protagonist.

teejay-number13 responds:

I think I voice myself pretty well. That's exactly how I speak in real life.

Teejay >:O!
This is pretty cool.

You had better do more than one gym battle per episode.

teejay-number13 responds:

You mean have two gym battles per episode or one gym battle plus a subplot? Because the latter is the plan.

I Love This Series your Making! , It Combines Everything Pokemon that i Know and Love ^^ Keep it up Untill Your Done! and Dont End Up Like *cough* SMBZ.... Lol :D