Reviews for "APPLE.MOV"

ummm... wow! that pony sure does like apples. Amazing work as usual. I would try the same thing to see if that happens to me when I eat to many apples but I am pretty sure that AppleJack was going to die in the end.

Just...OMG! XD Hilarious. Could you do me a favor and make some linearts of those crazy faces and poses so I can use my characters in them? It'd be SOO awesome! ^//^

spike:oh my god applejack ur crazy dude*giggles*
applejack:(gets angry and kicks spike into a tree)
applejack:(evil voice)MORE APPLES.
spike:*gets crush by a apple basket*

XD i love this vid its cool

I find it strange that this was recently uploaded here while most animations usually are first put on Newgrounds and Deviantart, THEN subsequently on Youtube. Especially with artists like Hotdiggedydemon. Nevermind, it still remains very funny for bronies and not-bronies. Hope they'll upload the other .MOV videos like Dress, Shed and Magic. Is it wrong to hope for a new vid already ?

Yep this video was already in youtube for quite a while but at least here its in high quality :D
and this new movie system is AMAZING =D