Reviews for "Minecraft Tower Defence 2"

Please before you put this out test for bugs. It seems as though the mobs will stop under certain situations making it impossible to destroy them.

I don't know if this is a good game, it seems to lack one important feature. The ability to actually play it! Please add a tutorial or some instructions, for the first level is improbable. In adventure mode I will move from the left side to the right where the green is and then... Nothing, nothing at all.

It's a decent idea but the execution outright sucks.
1. The inability to go to previous levels in adventure mode is slightly annoying
2. It is way too easy to click past one of those info pop ups in the tutorial causing you to restart erase your data and have to sit through the damn video again to find out what it said.
3. After the first 2 pop ups there is a surprising lack of instruction on how to use things. I often find stuff in my inventory that i never realized I had.
4. It appears as though this were a "make your own maze" TD, yet I keep finding that there is only one way to build your maze to keep with all the unnecessary and unadvertised restrictions, especially later when it's imperative you go get the resources out of the chests and houses...
5. I can understand the night day mechanic for getting your maze set up as it relates to minecraft, however the speed at which night comes means if you make even one mistake on your maze at any point you have to reset.
6. The boarders of each map are irregular and arbitrary. Well I guess not entirely arbitrary, seeing as it;s usually to make maze pathing that much more difficult.

I can understand and enjoy a challenge, but when it's insanely difficult for the sake of being a pain in the ass it isn't worth my time.

Okay this game sucks I can only move left and right but not down or up. And then I die without doing anything because I don't have a weapon.

Can't get past the first level, stupid creepers won't run in to the cactuses.