Reviews for "Minecraft Tower Defence 2"

I seem to be running into a lot of bugs. The mobs will often stop at a spot along the path. This bug seems to happen when I build a dispenser nearby. I also have trouble scrolling the screen.

It would really help if there were a tutorial on how you can build paths. I found that sometimes I could paths catacorner from another, and sometimes I couldn't. I have no clue why. I also found that I couldn't put water on a bridge...a little too late.

But I really like the concept of the game, and the story is pretty awesome, too. I think that with a few tweaks, this will be a top-notch game.

The 'Sail Away" song piece at the beginning was sneaky and well placed, good job on that

well i would lie if i say thas the game is not fun but, but still, the first one whas somehow better. Mosely because it whas the exact same thing, whit less instruction but more clear. And thas the big problem here : this game is not clear enouf. If you just click somewhere your not suppose to it can take you 10 minute to figure out thas you hare suppose to click somewhere to move the screen (and yes, this is exacly what happen to me x)

We have no idear what the tower hare realy doing, we just can't realy underthand what happen if we close a window and the bonus you get from doing thing hare so big thas if you got one you can simply pass the lvl on it. So ya.... this game is good but need some more... well i don't know the words my english suck but anyway i do belive you got my point x)

I have complete the Challenges but i don't get the Medals.
Also this is a awesome Game.

Delivers what it says it can and has a story line to how it starts.