Reviews for "Minecraft Tower Defence 2"

its great

how do u place things (btw the 4 stars is for when i figure it out)

okay so some tips that i found
1. ender dragon bombs your towers on waves 53 56 58 60.... (from what i found so far
2. press u to go back 1 tile at a time creating your path
3. if you need kill cheevos just go in survival island and spam that tower or item you need.
4. water damages enderman
5. the enderdragons bomb radius is a 3 by 3 so spread out your towers

Starting was ambiguous, not clear what you should do since you can't build towers. Placing traps is not the norm. Next, the difficulty is okay, but the mine bit is impossible to do. The silverfish are too fast to hit. Also, when creating paths, it would be awesome to go back one tile and not start afresh. Like really, really awesome.

Good game, but the Village level in Adventure mode is impossible. :)